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XJTAG 3.0 Boundary Scan Development System

XJTAG 3.0 boundary scan development system

XJTAG released the latest version of their boundary scan development system. Engineers can intuitively learn how to use XJTAG 3.0 without attending lengthy and expensive training courses. The new XJTAG Development System is now available on a 30-day free trial.

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XJTAG v2.5 Includes Free Layout Viewer

XJTAG version 2.5 features a free layout viewer. The XJTAG Layout Viewer works in conjunction with XJDeveloper and XJRunner. XJDeveloper enables engineers to quickly and easily set up and run tests on a circuit and create and customize tests to their requirements. XJRunner is a specialized run-time environment for testing. It includes a range of features that are useful for engineers in debugging, testing and doing repair work.

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