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Design Conference 2013 Features 16 Technical Sessions

Analog Devices, Xilinx, and MathWorks announced a series of design conferences for analog, mixed-signal and embedded systems engineers. During the conference, attendees will learn how MATLAB and Simulink can be used to develop, model and deploy high-performance signal processing systems. Design Conference 2013 will take place in the United States, Germany and China. Avnet, Digilent and 4DSP, sponsors of the U.S. conferences, will showcase their industry-leading solutions based on ADI’s analog and mixed-signal technologies.

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Avnet Announces CC3000-Pmod Compatible Wi-Fi Adapter Development Kit

Avnet CC3000-Pmod Compatible Wi-Fi Adapter

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas announced the CC3000-Pmod Compatible Wi-Fi Adapter. The Pmod compatible CC3000-based Wi-Fi adapter development kit features a built-in internet protocol stack. It is designed to attach to Avnet FPGA development boards and other host boards with a Pmod interface connector. The fully integrated and pre-certified Wi-Fi adapter is priced at $59.

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Xilinx Vivado Design Suite Supports All Programmable Devices

Xilinx Vivado Design Suite

Xilinx introduced their Vivado Design Suite, which is an IP and system-centric design environment for accelerating the design of all programmable devices. The Vivado Design Suite version 2012.1 is available as part of an early access program. Public access will start with version 2012.2 early this summer, followed by WebPACK availability and Zynq-7000 extensible processing platform (EPP) support later in the year. ISE Design Suite Edition customers with current support will be provided the new Vivado Design Suite Editions in addition to ISE at no additional cost.

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Synopsys HAPS-60 Series ASIC Rapid Prototyping Systems

Synopsys announced the HAPS-60 series of ASIC rapid prototyping systems for complex SoC design and verification. The HAPS-60 series is an easy-to-use and cost-effective rapid prototyping system that enables early hardware/software co-verification and system-level integration at near-real-time run-rates, using at-speed, real-world interfaces. The HAPS-60 series is built with Xilinx Virtex-6 devices.

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