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Tensilica HiFi 3 Audio/Voice Digital Signal Processor IP Core

Tensilica introduced the HiFi 3 audio/voice digital signal processor intellectual property core for system-on-chip design. HiFi 3 DSP has an 80% increase in performance for the FFT (fast Fourier transform), FIR (finite impulse response), and IIR (infinite impulse response) math functions that are essential in audio pre- and post-processing. In addition, there’s a performance improvement of over 150% for most voice codecs compared to HiFi EP. The HiFi 3 has been delivered to lead customers. General availability will be in March.

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AnVoip and AnVoice VoIP Voice Engines for Google Android

Adaptive Digital Technologies introduced the AnVoip and AnVoice VoIP voice engine software for Google Android software stack for mobile devices. The fielded algorithms are provided as off-the-shelf algorithm sets, integration-ready for quick inclusion into an Android application. The VoIP voice engine components, anVoip, and anVoice are packaged to supply either basic or enhanced voice capability to the Android-powered device. Algorithms may be added a-la-carte per a customer’s requirements. Custom application development by Adaptive Digital is also available.

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