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Vishay Introduces PowerCAD Simulator Tool

Vishay Intertechnology announced their new PowerCAD simulation tool. The PowerCAD simulator is a free online tool that gives engineers a fast and convenient way to test and optimize DC/DC circuits built with Vishay Siliconix regulator ICs. Vishay’s PowerCAD simulator tool is ideal for both experienced analog and power designers as well as junior or digital designers with less experience in high-power, high-frequency voltage regulator design.

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Vishay Joule School Pulse Energy Calculator

Check out the free Joule School Pulse Energy Calculator on the Vishay Intertechnology’s website. The online pulse energy calculator helps designers select the right wirewound resistor for their application. The tool gives engineers the choice of three pulse types to calculate: square wave pulse, capacitive charge/discharge pulse, and exponentially decaying pulse.

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Vishay 3D-TV IR Receivers and Emitters Webinar

There’s a 3DTV webinar, 3D-TV IR Receivers and Emitters, on the Vishay Intertechnology’s website. The webcast explains how infrared receivers work in 3DTV active shutter glasses. Infrared receivers are used in 3DTV glasses where they receive a synchronization signal from the 3D television set and open and close LCD shutters in each lens of the glasses to create the stereoscopic 3DTV effect.

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Vishay Optoelectronics Webinars

Vishay Intertechnology introduced five new optoelectronics webinars. The webcasts help engineers understand the applications and key performance parameters for solid state lighting, phototriacs, photodiodes, high-speed optocouplers, and ambient light sensors. The five online seminars are:

  • Solid State Lighting
  • Phototriacs for Consumer Applications
  • High-Speed SMD Pin Photodiodes
  • High-Speed Analog Optocouplers
  • Ambient Light Sensors

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Vishay Trimmer Stability Webinar

Vishay Intertechnology announced a trimmer webinar to help engineers understand the advantages of using precision Bulk Metal Foil resistors and trimmers in applications. In addition to the webcast, Vishay also has a three-minute video that compares the stability of different trimmer technologies when subjected to mechanical shock and vibration. The demonstration shows that while mechanical shock and vibration will cause most trimmers to drift over time, Vishay’s Bulk Metal Foil trimmers have a life stability that can rival fixed resistors.

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