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Vector Fabrics Launches Pareon Development Tool

Vector Fabrics Pareon development tool screenshot

Vector Fabrics introduced the Pareon development tool. Pareon helps developers by optimizing applications for multicore systems in hours or days instead of weeks or months. With the new Vector Fabrics tool, speed-ups of 1.7x on dual-core and 3.5x on quad-core processors are typical. Pareon will be available on June 18th. Prices start at $1900 for a single-user license. Note: a fully functioning 15-day evaluation copy can be downloaded.

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Vector Fabrics vfEmbedded Cloud-based Tool for Embedded Systems

Vector Fabrics introduced the vfEmbedded cloud-based tool. vfEmbedded enables embedded systems engineers to easily partition and map their software onto complex multicore platforms. The tool will be available as a cloud-based software service on March 1st. vfEmbedded can be accessed with a standard web browser. Pricing starts at €450 per month. A free trial, including several example designs, is available. vfEmbedded is ideal for software designers trying to implement complex algorithms and codecs onto a given platform.

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