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Vector Fabrics vfLabs Previews vfAnalyst Features

Vector Fabrics rolled out vfLabs, which provides access to pre-release versions of vfAnalyst features. The cloud-based tool suite for parallelizing sequential C code gives software engineers an early opportunity to try out new functionality as it is developed. vfLabs enables users to selectively augment the capabilities of the vfAnalyst tool. Over time, features initially provided in vfLabs will migrate out of vfLabs to full production status, being replaced by new features for evaluation. vfLabs will also provide pre-release access to features of future Vector Fabrics tools as they become available. vfLabs is free of charge to vfAnalyst subscribers.

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Vector Fabrics vfAnalyst Parallelizing Tool for Embedded Systems

vfAnalyst, from Vector Fabrics, is a cloud-based tool for parallelizing sequential C code in embedded systems. vfAnalyst enables software engineers to identify the most promising parallelization opportunities so that they can create an effective multicore implementation much more quickly. vfAnalyst is hosted on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and accessed through a standard web browser. The tool is paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis. vfAnalyst is available now.

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