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SynaptiCAD EDA Tool Suite, Version 15

SynaptiCAD EDA Tool Suite, version 15, features new versions of WaveViewer, Timing Diagrammer, WaveFormer, DataSheet, VeriLogger Extreme, BugHunter, TestBencher Pro and V2V. SynaptiCAD EDA Tool Suite v15 also includes improvements to the Gates-On-The-Fly Netlist Editor.

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Free SynaptiCAD VeriLogger Extreme Verilog 2001 Simulator

SynaptiCAD is giving away free “no strings attached” 6 month licenses for VeriLogger Extreme. For a limited time, free licenses will be available for both Linux and Windows versions of the simulator. Unlike the lower cost simulators typically provided with FPGA tools, SynaptiCAD’s simulator is being distributed without any code that slows down the simulator when run on larger designs, making it run over 10x faster than the competition on larger simulation runs.

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