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SpringSoft Verdi Automated Debug System Integrates with Vennsa OnPoint Root Cause Analysis

SpringSoft and Vennsa Technologies teamed together to integrate the SpringSoft Verdi Automated Debug System and Vennsa OnPoint Root Cause Analysis. The seamless interoperability between the two tools enables engineers to increase verification productivity and decrease the chip debug burden. The integrated Verdi and OnPoint platform is available now.

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OnPoint with Failure Triage and Causality Analysis Engines

OnPoint, from Vennsa Technologies, now features causality analysis analysis and failure triage engines. The causality analysis engine can determine the root cause of failures at a fine resolution and with high accuracy. The triage engine automatically screens failures and generates an X-ray picture of what is going on in the design and where the error source is originating from. OnPoint diagnose and triage engines are available now and can be purchased separately using time-based licenses.

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Vennsa Technologies OnPoint Verification Tool for Automated Debugging

Vennsa Technologies introduced OnPoint verification tool for automated debugging. OnPoint automates the manual root cause analysis performed by verification engineers once a functional failure occurs. It picks up where simulation and formal verification tools leave off by automatically analyzing the problem and pointing to the exact lines of code where the failure can be fixed. This error localization process is performed with no intervention by the engineer.

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