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UVM Connect 2.2 Supports Open Verification Methodology

Mentor Graphics Universal Verification Methodology Connect (UVM Connect)

Mentor Graphics has extended their Universal Verification Methodology Connect tool for the Open Verification Methodology (OVM) community. UVM Connect 2.2 can now be compiled to run with the OVM. The UVM Connect architecture facilitates easy connection with other environments beyond the initially supported UVM and SystemC. With the updated UVM Connect, teams using OVM can connect with SystemC models and other environments.

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Mentor Graphics Introduces UVM Express and UVM Connect

Mentor Graphics is expanding support for the Universal Verification Methodology with UVM Express and UVM Connect. UVM Express is one way to progressively adopt UVM methodology. UVM Connect provides standard TLM 1.0 and TLM 2.0 connectivity between models written in SystemC and UVM SystemVerilog. UVM Express and UVM Connect functionality is available now. They can be downloaded from the Mentor Verification Academy. Verification Academy modules on using UVM (UVM Express and UVM Advanced), training material and online documentation are also available.

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