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Synopsys Introduces DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem

Synopsys DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem

Synopsys introduced their DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem, which is a complete and integrated hardware and software solution for sensor control applications. The DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem reduces integration effort and cost. The Synopsys DesignWare Sensor IP Subsystem is expected to be available in October of this year to early adopters. General availability is planned for the fourth quarter of 2013.

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Texas Instruments Introduces ULP Advisor Software Code Analysis Tool

Texas Instruments (TI) ULP Advisor software code analysis tool

Texas Instruments introduced the ULP (Ultra-Low Power) Advisor software code analysis tool. The TI ULP Advisor tool provides a static code analyzer that flags software code and offers ultra-low-power tips and tricks to help developers understand where to improve code, line by line. This results in milliamps and nanoamps saved in designs for ultimate low-power performance. ULP Advisor software is available now. It is included in the latest install of Code Composer Studio IDE version 5.2.

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Microchip XLP 16-bit Energy Harvesting Development Kit

Microchip Technology and Cymbet teamed to create the customizable XLP 16-bit Energy Harvesting Development Kit. The energy harvesting kit includes a modular development board with the PIC24F16KA102 microcontroller. The included Cymbet EnerChip EH Eval-08 Energy Harvesting Board harvests solar energy that is then stored in the EnerChip solid-state, rechargeable energy-storage devices. PICtail daughter boards can be added for the rapid evaluation of a wide variety of system functions, including ZigBee and proprietary wireless connectivity, and SD memory cards. The XLP 16-bit Energy Harvesting Kit (part # DV164133) is available today for $195.

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