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Holst Centre, imec, TNO Team on Dual Gate Organic TFT RFID Circuit

Holst Centre, imec, and TNO teamed on a dual-gate-based organic RFID chip with record data rate and lowest reported operating voltage. The advantages of dual gate transistors in circuit speed and robustness have been used in a complex organic-electronic circuit. Further and ongoing work will demonstrate the viability of the technology towards industrial uptake.

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Emerging Technologies in Solid State Devices SEMATECH Workshop

The SEMATECH-led workshop, Emerging Technologies in Solid State Devices, will take place December 5-6, 2009. Technologists, executives, and faculty from across the semiconductor R&D community will present technical data revealing advances in emerging memory technologies, energy efficient devices, and high mobility channel transistors. The SEMATECH workshop will feature over 40 presentations and panel discussions on cutting-edge solutions to the technical and manufacturing challenges associated with emerging nanoelectronics technologies.

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