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Holst Centre, imec, TNO Team on Dual Gate Organic TFT RFID Circuit

Holst Centre, imec, and TNO teamed on a dual-gate-based organic RFID chip with record data rate and lowest reported operating voltage. The advantages of dual gate transistors in circuit speed and robustness have been used in a complex organic-electronic circuit. Further and ongoing work will demonstrate the viability of the technology towards industrial uptake.

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50 kbits/s Organic Transponder Circuit

Imec and TNO showcased the first organic transponder circuit with a bit rate of 50 kbits/s. The bit rate approaches the requirements for the Electronic Product Coding (EPC) standards. The Electronic Product Code has been developed for wireless identification in high-volume logistics applications like retail. It is widely used already today e.g. on pallet level logistics. The next step is to use EPC tags on package level and on a longer term target on individual items (“item-level tagging”). Organic electronic technology is a candidate for high-volume and low-cost manufacturing of simple electronic circuits.

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