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Texas Instruments C2000 Digital Power Kits

Texas Instruments introduced three digital power development kits for the TMS320C2000 microcontroller. The TI kits enable and simplify complex power supply functions for bridgeless design and Peak Current Mode Control (PCMC) with Slope Compensation. The three new kits are: (1) High Efficiency Bridgeless PFC AC/DC Developer’s Kit ($450), (2) Phase Shifted Isolated Full Bridge DC/DC Developer’s Kit ($550), and (3) Resonant LLC Isolated Half Bridge DC/DC Developer’s Kit ($400). The Piccolo-based development kits are now available for order.

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Texas Instruments controlSUITE Software

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced controlSUITE software for their TMS320C2000 microcontrollers (MCUs) that enable real-time control applications. controlSUITE software simplifies evaluation, application adaptation, debug, test, and reuse. C2000 controlSUITE software includes libraries and examples that are full, open source projects, serving as true development systems for applications such as motor control. In addition, a new installer eliminates frustrations related to versioning and dependencies and gives developers access to the complete software offering in a centralized location.

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