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Titan Analog Layout Accelerator and Titan Analog Virtual Prototyper

Magma Design Automation introduced the Titan Analog Layout Accelerator (ALX) and the Titan Analog Virtual Prototyper (AVP). Titan ALX and Titan AVP accelerate the creation and optimization of new analog design layouts, and automate the reuse of existing analog layouts in new processes and technologies. Titan ALX automatically migrates an existing analog layout to a new target technology without any DRC violations while preserving analog design intent. Titan AVP creates fast and accurate device-level prototypes and captures layout-dependent proximity effects early in the circuit design phase. Titan ALX and Titan AVP will be in production release in June 2010.

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Magma Titan Up Program for Analog Designers, Win an Apple iTouch

Magma Design Automation announced their Titan Up! program to help analog designers learn the latest technologies for analog and mixed-signal design. Current and prospective Magma customers can take a quiz to enter a drawing for an Apple iTouch. The Titan Up! online quizzes allows designers to test their knowledge of analog design basics and analog IC history. Eash week, an Apple iTouch will be given away.

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