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SynaptiCAD Timing Diagram Editors Support Synopsys Design Constraint Files

SynaptiCAD has released new versions of their timing diagram editing tools that can create and edit Synopsys Design Constraint (SDC) files using data from timing diagrams. This capability makes creation of SDC files quicker and less error prone and also gives designers the ability to visualize the timing constraints.

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SynaptiCAD WaveFormer Pro, Timing Diagrammer Pro, DataSheet Pro v15

SynaptiCAD rolled out version 15 of WaveFormer Pro, Timing Diagrammer Pro, and DataSheet Pro. The Timing Diagram Editors and test bench generators are available on Linux, Solaris, and Windows. Perpetual licenses start at $1,725 in a node-locked configuration. Time-based licenses are also available. WaveViewer is a free waveform viewer capable of displaying results of analog and digital simulations, and waveforms acquired from test equipment. The GigaWave option can be added to any of the products to boost the performance for very large files.

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