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Synopsys Galaxy Implementation Platform Supports TSMC 20nm Process

Synopsys is offering 20nm process technology support for the TSMC 20nm Reference flow. The 20nm process offers measurable power, performance and area benefits. TSMC and Synopsys have collaborated closely from the very early stages of 20 nanometer process development to address the challenges of 20nm design. The results of this collaboration will help designers maximize the benefits of the 20nm process to deliver the designs predictably and on time.

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Symtavision SymTA/S 3.0 and TraceAnalyzer 3.0 for Integrated Timing Analysis

Symtavision rolled out SymTA/S 3.0 and TraceAnalyzer 3.0. The latest version of system-level tools features round-trip support for model- and trace-based timing analysis in a seamless environment with a consistent user interface. The model-based design and trace-based verification tools improve design productivity and quality when planning, evolving, implementing and verifying embedded real-time systems.

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RapiTime v2.3 for Real-time, Embedded Applications

Rapita Systems launched RapiTime v2.3 for real-time, embedded applications. RapiTime is an automated performance measurement and timing analysis tool. RapiTime provides code coverage metrics, performance measurement, determination of worst-case execution time, and guidance for optimization. RapiTime v2.3 features a debug support facility which will enables developers to follow execution forwards and backwards through recorded traces of embedded real-time applications.

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