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Webinar: Optimal Microcontroller Solutions for Safety Critical Applications

Optimal Microcontroller Solutions for Safety-Critical Applications

Avnet Electronics and Texas Instruments are hosting a webinar next week. The title of the webcast is Innovation with Purpose: Optimal Microcontroller Solutions for Safety-Critical Applications. The online seminar will explain how TI’s Hercules safety microcontrollers can help optimize designs and speed time to market. The free training will take place on Tuesday, June 19 at 2:00 p.m. (EDT).

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Texas Instruments Introduces Android SDK for Sitara Microprocessors

Texas Instruments Android software development kit for Sitara microprocessors

Texas Instruments introduced an Android software development kit for Sitara microprocessors. The TI SDK adds Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for embedded applications running TI’s Sitara AM335x and AM37x ARM-Cortex-A8 processors. The Android 4.0 SDK for TI’s Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 processors is available for free download today, with no development or production restrictions.

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Texas Instruments Introduces ULP Advisor Software Code Analysis Tool

Texas Instruments (TI) ULP Advisor software code analysis tool

Texas Instruments introduced the ULP (Ultra-Low Power) Advisor software code analysis tool. The TI ULP Advisor tool provides a static code analyzer that flags software code and offers ultra-low-power tips and tricks to help developers understand where to improve code, line by line. This results in milliamps and nanoamps saved in designs for ultimate low-power performance. ULP Advisor software is available now. It is included in the latest install of Code Composer Studio IDE version 5.2.

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Texas Instruments Introduces Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack

Texas Instruments announced the Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack, which is based on the C5000 ultra-low-power digital signal processor (DSP). The C5000 ultra-low-power DSP-based Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack is a plug-in board for the MSP430 LaunchPad development kit. The TI Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack is available now for a one-time promotional price of $30 USD for the next 30 days (normally priced at $34.99).

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Webinar: Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Digital Power Designs

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas and Texas Instruments will host a webinar about TI’s C2000 portfolio of fixed point, floating point and multi-core processors. The webcast will focus on advanced motor control techniques, digital light emitting diode (LED) control and renewable power in solar power systems. The web-based training seminar will take place March 15, 2012, at 9:30 am PDT (11:30 am CDT, 12:30 pm EDT). The title of the 60-minute webinar is: Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Digital Power Designs

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Texas Instruments ZigBee RF4CE Remote Control Solution

Texas Instruments rolled out a new version of their ZigBee RF4CE remote control solution. The latest version supports the upcoming ZigBee Input Device (ZID) profile, which enables mouse-like pointing functionality, keyboard and gesture- and touch-based input controls for consumer electronics like TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles. TI’s ZigBee RF4CE solution includes the royalty-free RemoTI 1.3 protocol stack with sample application software, an ETSI-compliant and FCC-certified nano USB module, and an associated Advanced Remote Control development kit.

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Avnet – Texas Instruments Data Converter SpeedWay Design Workshop

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas is offering a series of data converters seminars. The Data Converter SpeedWay Design Workshop will provide engineers with a methodology to navigate the entire data converter ecosystem and realize their full performance. Special attention is paid to understanding the factors needed to consider when selecting an appropriate converter for an application. The seminars will be taught by technical specialists from Avnet and Texas Instruments (TI). The events will place in five cities within the next 30 days.

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TI Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment v5

Texas Instruments launched version five of their Code Composer Studio integrated development environment. The Eclipse-based CCStudio IDE v5 features user interface improvements, 5x smaller installation package, faster setup, and support for Windows and Linux operating systems. Developers may purchase a Code Composer Studio IDE v5 license now for $79 when purchased with an XDS100 JTAG emulator. The full Platinum license for all TI embedded processors is available for $495. Code Composer Studio IDE v5 is free for Linux and Android application developers who do not require a JTAG debugger.

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Texas Instruments StarterWare for TI Embedded Processors

Texas Instruments introduced their StarterWare software packages. The free StarterWare is a user-friendly, production-ready software for Sitara 32-bit ARM microprocessor (MPU), C6000 digital signal processor (DSP) and DSP + ARM developers. StarterWare for Texas Instruments AM18x ARM9 MPUs, OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM9 processor and TMS320C6748 DSP is available now. Packages for additional devices will be coming soon.

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Wireless Connectivity SpeedWay Design Workshops

Avnet Electronics Marketing and Texas Instruments are teaming together on a series of SpeedWay Design Workshops. The seminars will provide an introduction to wireless design for hardware and software engineers who need to add wireless connectivity features to their products. The training events cost $25 to attend. Each attendee will receive a TI eZ430-Chronos wireless watch development kit ($49 value). The SpeedWay Design Workshops will held in almost 40 cities throughout North America.

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