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Keithley Instruments Debuts Model 2110 Dual-Display Digital Multimeter

Keithley Model 2110 Dual-Display Digital Multimeter front view

Keithley Instruments launched the Model 2110 5½-digit Dual-Display Digital Multimeter. The rugged DMM features 15 measurement functions, seven math functions and dual-line display capability, which allows it to display two different measurements concurrently. The Model 2110 is ideal for production, R&D, and test engineers, scientists, and students making a wide variety of measurements in portable, bench, and system applications.

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Corelis Introduces QuadTAP/CFM High-speed Multi-TAP Boundary-scan System

Corelis QuadTAP/CFM four-channel JTAG hardware platform

Corelis introduced their QuadTAP/CFM four-channel JTAG hardware platform. The QuadTAP/CFM seamlessly integrates advanced boundary-scan test capabilities into Teradyne in-circuit testers. It is designed for use with Teradyne TestStation and GR228x series testers. The Corelis QuadTAP/CFM platform is a completely seamless and versatile hardware solution that meets multi-TAP JTAG testing requirements on existing Teradyne equipment.

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Analog Devices, Digilent Introduce Analog Design Kits

Analog Devices and Digilent introduced two all-in-one analog design kits: Digilent Analog Discovery Design Kit and Digilent Analog Explorer Design Kit. The two kits help engineering students build and test a wide range of analog and digital circuits using their own PC without the need for any other equipment. The Digilent Analog Discovery Design Kit will be available in June for $99. The more advanced Digilent Analog Explorer Design Kit will be available in August for $199.

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ASSET InterTech Remote Instrumentation Controller 4000

ASSET InterTech announced the Remote Instrumentation Controller 4000 (RIC-4000) for the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments. The RIC-4000 can connect over an Ethernet network and apply boundary scan (JTAG) tests on as many as four circuit boards at once. The ASSET InterTech RIC-4000 will be available next month. Prices for the Remote Instrumentation Controller 4000 start at $8,495.

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30-Day Free Trial of kDiagnostics for Blaze Mobile Development Platform

The Kozio kDiagnostics Design Suite for the Blaze Mobile Development Platform (MDP) is available now for a 30-day free trial. Texas Instruments used kDiagnostics Design Suite to wake-up, test, and manufacture the Blaze. The kDiagnostics Design Suite helps engineers explore and understand the Blaze MDP, verify that it is performing properly and access and control its low-level hardware and high-level functionality. Developers can use Kozio kDiagnostics Design Suite to run diagnostic tests on their hardware using an intuitive graphical user interface.

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COLLADA 1.4 Adopters Package

The COLLADA 1.4 Adopters Package is complete and under final review prior to public release. The Adopters Package contains both conformance testing software and documentation intended to drive rapid evaluation, deployment, and acceptance of the COLLADA specification in 3D content creation, and asset management software. The Khronos Group expects the Adopters Package to be released next month.

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DebugLive Online Debugging Environment

DebugLive is a Web-based environment for debugging Windows application code and production applications. DebugLive complements existing tools with online debugging, problem-solving, collaboration, and remote debugging capabilities via a Web-based service (SaaS). DebugLive allows support and application engineers to jointly debug an application and share resources (dumps, screenshot, messages, etc) in a “virtual room” in real time.

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