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New Version of SynaptiCAD TestBencher Pro

SynaptiCAD rolled out a new verion of TestBencher Pro, which is a VHDL and Verilog system-level testbench generation software. The tool simplifies the process of creating and applying random bus transactions to RTL and gate-level models. The latest version of TestBencher Pro simplifies the creation of testbenches that reside in a different compiled library from the design being tested.

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SynaptiCAD EDA Tool Suite, Version 15

SynaptiCAD EDA Tool Suite, version 15, features new versions of WaveViewer, Timing Diagrammer, WaveFormer, DataSheet, VeriLogger Extreme, BugHunter, TestBencher Pro and V2V. SynaptiCAD EDA Tool Suite v15 also includes improvements to the Gates-On-The-Fly Netlist Editor.

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