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Laird Technologies Improves AZTEC Thermoelectric Module Simulation Software

Laird Technologies released the latest version of the AZTEC thermoelectric module (TEM) simulation software. AZTEC is a user-friendly tool that can speed up product development by running simulations on a TEM and viewing its expected output performance based on a given set of thermal and electrical operating points. The tool is available online now.

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Thermoelectric Modules for Charge-Coupled Devices

Laird Technologies published an application note titled Thermoelectric Modules for Charge-Coupled Devices. The application note describes the reason Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) are the only effective thermal management solution for Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs) used in astronomy, night vision, high-speed, medical, and quality control camera applications. The application note is the newest in a series describing the role of Thermal Management in numerous market segments.

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Enhanced AZTEC Thermoelectric Module Simulation Software Tool

Laird Technologies has enhanced their AZTEC online thermoelectric module (TEM) simulation software tool. AZTEC selects the optimal TEM(s) for trial from a given set of input variables based on application attributes that the user specifies. The program also contains an analysis worksheet, which simulates how the TEM(s) will function under a specific set of operating conditions.

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