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Tanner HiPer Silicon v15.23 Features HiPer Simulation AFS and T-AFS

Tanner EDA's S-Edit design environment for schematic capture

Tanner EDA introduced the latest version of HiPer Silicon full-flow analog and mixed-signal design suite. HiPer Silicon v15.23 includes HiPer Simulation AFS and Tanner Analog FastSPICE (T-AFS), which integrates the Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE Platform with Tanner EDA’s S-Edit schematic capture and W-Edit waveform analyzer.

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Tanner Analog FastSPICE Features Berkeley Design Automation AFS

Tanner EDA introduced Tanner Analog FastSPICE (T-AFS), which adds Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE Platform to Tanner EDA’s full-flow HiPer Silicon design suite. With the availability of Analog FastSPICE as an add-on to Tanner EDA’s analog and mixed-signal design tools, RF designers can realize the benefits of Tanner EDA’s full-flow analog design suite. Analog FastSPICE enables verification of very complex analog/ RF circuits with nanometer SPICE-accurate results.

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