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Magma Talus 1.2 IC Implementation Platform is 40% Faster

Magma Design Automation rolled out version 1.2 of their Talus integrated circuit implementation platform. Talus v1.2 features a runtime improvement of 40% and enhancing high-performance core design capabilities. Talus was architected to increase designer productivity, improve quality of results and reduce the development costs of advanced-node designs.

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Magma Talus v1.2 SoC Implementation Solution

Magma Design Automation introduced version 1.2 of Talus integrated circuit (IC) implementation solution. Talus v1.2 helps engineers to implement 1 million to 1.5 million cells per day on large designs or blocks of 2 million to 5 million cells – with crosstalk avoidance, advanced on-chip variation (AOCV) and multi-mode multi-corner (MMMC) analysis enabled. Talus is currently in use for complex 28nm designs. Talus 1.2 features faster, more accurate routing, timing and extraction technologies and advanced capabilities. It improves turnaround time by 5x to 6x.

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