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National Instruments Debuts NI miniSystems for Students

National Instruments NI miniSystems

National Instruments unveiled the NI miniSystems, which are miniaturized versions of real-world systems (such as roll-chassis dynamometers and electrical smart grids). The new lab platforms were developed in collaboration with educational suppliers to bring relevance to math and science theory as students begin to pursue engineering degrees.

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NI Vision Development Module 2012 Enables 3D Vision in LabVIEW

National Instruments introduced the NI Vision Development Module 2012. The LabVIEW module helps engineers develop and deploy machine vision applications. The Vision Development Module features hundreds of functions for acquiring images from a multitude of cameras and for processing images by enhancing them, checking for presence, locating features, identifying objects, and measuring parts. The cost of the NI Vision Development Module 2012 starts at $3,699 (€3,549; ¥449,000).

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MathWorks Phased Array System Toolbox

MathWorks introduced Phased Array System Toolbox, which enables radar and acoustics engineers to build monostatic, bistatic, and multistatic architectures for a variety of array geometries. The MathWorks tool also gives engineers the ability to model these architectures on stationary or moving platforms. Array analysis and visualization tools enable the evaluation of spatial, spectral, and temporal performance. Phased Array System Toolbox is available now. Prices start at $1,350 (USD).

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nCloud Cloud Computing Platform for Electronic Design Automation

Nimbic (formerly Physware) launched the beta version of nCloud, which is a scalable and secure cloud computing platform for electronic design automation (EDA). nCloud is a pay-for-use, peak-usage cloud computing platform. nWave 3D full-wave EM solver for signal and power integrity (formerly PhysWAVE), and nApex 3D accelerated parasitic extractor (formerly PhysAPEX), are currently available on nCloud.

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