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STMicroelectronics Introduces STM3220G-JAVA Starter Kit

STMicroelectronics STM3220G-JAVA Starter Kit

STMicroelectronics introduced the STM3220G-JAVA Starter Kit. The STM3220G-JAVA kit is a complete platform for evaluating the development of embedded applications in Java for the STM32 F2 series microcontrollers. The new Java tool includes an evaluation version of IS2T’s MicroEJ Software Development Kit (SDK) and the STM32F2 series microcontroller evaluation board providing everything engineers need to start their projects. The STM3220G-JAVA Starter Kit is available now. It is priced at $349.

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Express Logic PrismX for the STM32 Processors

Express Logic’s PrismX GUI software development solution now supports the STMicroelectronics STM32 processor family. PrismX is a ThreadX RTOS-integrated port of Blue Water Embedded’s Prism technology. It is ideal for resource-constrained devices such as STMicroelectronics Cortex-M3-based STM32. PrismX features a high-performance graphical drawing library and a GUI widget set for the STM32 platform. PrismX for the STM32F10C is available in full source code form, royalty free. License prices start at $9,500.

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Virtual Conference: Robust Ecosystems Equals Embedded Success

STMicroelectronics and EE Times are hosting a virtual conference, Robust Ecosystem = Embedded Success. The online event will start at 10:15 am Central Time (11:15 am EST | 8:15 am PST) on Thursday, December 2nd. The webcast includes experts on microcontroller hardware, embedded tools, operating software, and applications development. The fully interactive event features online learning, live chat, active movement in and out of exhibit booths and sessions, vendor presentations, contests and prizes.

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Leti Workshop on Innovative Memory Technologies

Leti research center is hosting a workshop on innovative memory technologies at MINATEC during Minatec Crossroads ’10 events on Monday, June 21. The workshop will explore the latest achievements in semiconductor memory technologies. Topics will range from short-term to long-term memory solutions. The workshop is part of the 3rd Minatec Crossroads ’10 June 21-25. Leti, a CEA laboratory located in Grenoble, is one of the main European applied research centers in electronics.

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Atollic TrueSTUDIO/STM32 Development Tool with ST-LINK Debug Probe

STMicroelectronics introduced a low-cost development environment for the STM32 microcontroller families built using the ARM Cortex-M3 processor core, which is optimized for embedded applications. The environment combines the Atollic TrueSTUDIO/STM32 development tool and ST’s ST-LINK debug probe to connect to the target via USB. The ST-LINK debug probe is available for $21. Atollic TrueSTUDIO/STM32 can be downloaded at a price of euro 995 for TrueSTUDIO/STM32 Pro. TrueSTUDIO/STM32 Lite is available for free.

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STMicroelectronics STM32-comStick Development Platform

The STM32-comStick from STMicroelectronics is a low-cost, full-featured development platform in a USB stick that enables fast application design for STM32 Connectivity Line microcontrollers. The STM32-comStick includes an unlimited Hitex HiTOP5 IDE/debugger and TASKING C compiler, a built-in GUI allowing control of the application, and a 72MHz STM32F107VC Connectivity Line MCU with 256 KB Flash. Developers can plug the device directly into a PC USB port to evaluate the MCU communication peripherals and build, program and debug their own applications. No external components, software, or power supply are required.

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