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FineSim Fast Monte Carlo Analysis

Magma Design Automation introduced FineSim Fast Monte Carlo, which is a new alternative to traditional Monte Carlo analysis. FineSim Fast Monte Carlo makes it possible to achieve much more accurate statistical analysis as much as 100 times faster than traditional Monte Carlo methods. FineSim Fast Monte Carlo is available now for production use with FineSim SPICE and FineSim Pro for fast, accurate statistical circuit analysis.

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Variety MX for Embedded Memories Statistical Timing Model Generator

Variety MX, from Altos Design Automation, is a fast and accurate statistical timing model generator for embedded memories. Variety MX generates instance-specific Liberty models for use by Cadence’s Encounter Timing System GXL, Extreme DA’s Goldtimetm, and Synopsys PrimeTime VX. Variety MX is able to characterize memory sizes that cannot be adequately simulated using brute Monte Carlo methods or even with fast sampling techniques. Variety MX is available now.

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