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SpringSoft Laker Blitz Chip-level Layout Editor

SpringSoft introduced the Laker Blitz chip-level layout editor. The new software tool is optimized for speed and productivity during the final steps of the physical design process. It streamlines tapeout-to-manufacturing operations by enabling high-speed viewing and editing of chip-level layouts. Laker Blitz is ideal for designs with large data sets, such as advanced-node system-on-chip (SoC) implementations and large memory chips that are widely used in consumer electronics. The new SpringSoft software is available now for production use.

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SpringSoft Verdi Automated Debug System Integrates with Vennsa OnPoint Root Cause Analysis

SpringSoft and Vennsa Technologies teamed together to integrate the SpringSoft Verdi Automated Debug System and Vennsa OnPoint Root Cause Analysis. The seamless interoperability between the two tools enables engineers to increase verification productivity and decrease the chip debug burden. The integrated Verdi and OnPoint platform is available now.

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SpringSoft Siloti Visibility Automation System

SpringSoft rolled out the latest version of Siloti Visibility Automation System. The tool features a streamlined, easy-to-use flow for system-on-chip (SoC) verification and debug. It also includes a new reusable behavior analysis database to eliminate redundant analysis cycles and speed up design preparation time by over 10X (compared to previous version). The new version of the Siloti Visibility Automation System is available now. Prices start at $26,400 for a three-year subscription license.

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