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Low Power Design with Freescale Kinetis-L Microcontrollers SpeedWay Technical Seminars

Avnet Electronics Marketing, Freescale, Murata and ARM are teaming together to host a series of SpeedWay technical seminars. The development board transforms the Freescale Freedom development platform into a completely portable wireless sensor system. The SpeedWay events will discuss ways to incorporate the Wi-Go wireless accessory module with the Freescale Freedom development platform featuring the Kinetis-L microcontrollers. The workshops feature both in-person presentations and hands-on labs.

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Avnet – Texas Instruments Data Converter SpeedWay Design Workshop

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas is offering a series of data converters seminars. The Data Converter SpeedWay Design Workshop will provide engineers with a methodology to navigate the entire data converter ecosystem and realize their full performance. Special attention is paid to understanding the factors needed to consider when selecting an appropriate converter for an application. The seminars will be taught by technical specialists from Avnet and Texas Instruments (TI). The events will place in five cities within the next 30 days.

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