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Synopsys Debuts Virtualizer Development Kit for Freescale Qorivva Microcontroller

Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) for Freescale Semiconductor's Qorivva microcontroller family

Synopsys introduced the Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) for Freescale Semiconductor’s Qorivva microcontroller family. The Synopsys VDK accelerates the development of automotive control applications in powertrain/hybrid, chassis/safety and body electronic control units (ECUs). Synopsys’ automotive VDKs help OEMs and tier-one suppliers to enhance their embedded software development processes by starting earlier, improving productivity and enabling more and better testing in support of safety standards such as ISO 26262. The VDK for Freescale Qorivva MCUs is available now.

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TI-RTOS Real-time Operating System Features Preemptive Multithreading Kernel

Texas Instruments TI-RTOS real-time operating system based on preemptive multithreading kernel

Texas Instruments launched TI-RTOS, which is a complete real-time operating system based on preemptive multithreading kernel. TI-RTOS speeds software development by eliminating the need for designers to write and maintain complex system software, including schedulers, protocol stacks and low-level drivers. TI-RTOS is available now on select devices, including ARM Cortex-M4 MCUs and C2000 dual core C28x + ARM Cortex-M3 MCUs. It will be offered soon on MSP430 MCUs, as well as other C2000 and ARM-based MCUs. TI will continue to expand its RTOS offering beyond the MCU portfolio to other processor families.

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Analog Devices Debuts CrossCore Embedded Studio for Blackfin and SHARC Processors

Analog Devices CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) software development platform for Blackfin and SHARC processors

Analog Devices launched the CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) software development platform for their Blackfin and SHARC processors. CCES offers Blackfin and SHARC developers a C/C++ and assembly editing environment with plug-in support for drivers and services including Ethernet, USB, algorithmic software modules, operating system, and file system. CCES provides easy to use, integrated multicore development and debug features. CCES licenses are available at several levels. A single-user node locked license is priced at $995.

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Synopsys Introduces Virtualizer Development Kits for Renesas Microcontrollers

Synopsys and Renesas teamed together to developed Virtualizer Development Kits. The VDKs for Renesas’ RH850 MCUs are software development tools that integrating functional models of digital hardware. The VDKs help engineers speed software development and system testing for Renesas RH850-based designs. The new VDKs for Renesas’ RH850 MCUs will be available from Synopsys in the fourth quarter of this year.

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GE Intelligent Platforms Launches AXIS v5.1 Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software

GE Intelligent Platforms AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment

GE Intelligent Platforms recently launched version 5.1 of their AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment. GE’s AXIS development environment enables high performance applications to be developed, debugged and delivered in the shortest possible time. The combination of GE’s High Performance Embedded Computing hardware and software provides not only a highly integrated solution, but also one that provides engineers with optimum support.

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Free: Kozio kDiagnostics Suite for PandaBoard

Kozio kDiagnostics Suite is now available free use to PandaBoard users. PandaBoard is an open OMAP 4 applications processor-based mobile software development platform. In addition to being a full design verification and hardware validation solution, kDiagnostics is an interactive guide to the inner workings of PandaBoard and the Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP4430 applications processor.

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DO-178B/C Techniques for Developing Software to Safety-Critical Standards

DDC-I and LDRA are offering a seminar on DO-178B and DO-178C safety-critical software development. The seminar will cover the new objectives and guidance for DO-178C; establishing effective safety-critical software processes for maximum success and minimum cost; utilizing object oriented technologies, formal methods and model-based development; and designing safer, more reliable and maintainable embedded software. The event will take place on January 27th at the Hilton Garden Inn, Hartford North/Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, CT.

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