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Synopsys DesignWare IP Available for SMIC 40-nanometer Low-Leakage Process

Synopsys DesignWare IP is now available on the SMIC 40-nanometer low-leakage (40LL) process. The DesignWare IP for the SMIC 40LL process includes USB 2.0 picoPHY, HDMI 1.4 TX PHY, DDR multiPHY, MIPI D-PHY, PCI Express 2.0/1.1 PHY, SATA 1.5Gb/s/3Gb/s PHY, SATA 6Gb/s PHY, and select audio codecs and data converter IP. DesignWare USB 3.0 PHY, HSIC PHY, data converters and AFE for LTE and Wi-Fi, and Embedded Memory and Logic Library IP are available for early adopters. Availability for the DesignWare HDMI RX PHY and DDR3/2 PHY IP is planned for Q4 2012.

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SMIC-Synopsys Reference Flow 5.0 Extends 40nm Low Power Capabilities

SMIC-Synopsys Reference Flow 5.0

Synopsys and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) released version 5.0 of their 40-nanometer RTL-to-GDSII reference design flow. The SMIC-Synopsys Reference Flow 5.0 enables IC designers to accelerate their designs into manufacturing through the combination of SMIC’s 40nm process technology and Synopsys’ technology-leading design solutions. The SMIC-Synopsys Reference Flow 5.0 is available now.

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SMIC 40nm Reference Flow Features Cadence Encounter Digital Technology

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) announced a low-power, advanced-node IC design reference flow. The new reference flow features Cadence Encounter digital technology and SMIC’s 40-nanometer manufacturing process. The interoperable, low-power, Common Power Format-based flow helps engineers accelerate and differentiate their low-power, high-performance chips.

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SMIC-Cadence 65nm Low Power Reference Flow 4.0

Cadence Design Systems introduced a comprehensive low-power design flow for engineers targeting the 65-nanometer process at Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). Based on the Cadence Low-Power Solution, the flow enables faster design of leading-edge, low-power semiconductors using a single, comprehensive design platform. The SMIC-Cadence Reference Flow 4.0 addresses the need for power-efficient design innovation with an advanced, automated low-power design capability.

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