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Amulet GEMstudio GUI Development Environment

Amulet Technologies introduced GEMstudio drag-and-drop GUI development environment for creating color touchscreen human-machine-interfaces (HMIs) for embedded systems. GEMstudio integrates tools for visual layout, interactive PC based simulation, and programming of the flash memory in the target embedded hardware. GEMstudio is a true WYSIWYG GUI design tool that requires no coding for the GUI design. GEMstudio can compile the entire GUI and program it directly into flash memory on the target device. GEMstudio is available now for $499.

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Tensilica HiFi EP Audio DSP IP Core

Tensilica launched HiFi EP, which is a superset of the HiFi 2 architecture that is optimized for simultaneous multichannel codec support and/or continuously expanding audio pre- and post-processing in home entertainment products such as Blu-ray Disc players, digital television (DTV), and Smartphones. HiFi EP has also been enhanced for efficient, high-quality voice pre- and post-processing. The enhancements result in up to 40% lower power and up to a 50 percent size reduction.

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