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SynaptiCAD WaveFormer Pro Supports Agilent, Tektronix Test Equipments

SynaptiCAD WaveFormer Pro tool

SynaptiCAD rolled out a new version of their WaveFormer Pro tool. WaveFormer Pro is a tool for analyzing timing diagrams and translating digital and analog waveforms between simulators and test equipment. The latest version of the tool supports importing and exporting digital and analog waveforms to the latest Agilent and Tektronix logic analyzers and mixed-signal oscilloscopes.

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Synopsys Introduces Discovery Verification IP Family with VIPER Architecture

Synopsys introduced their Discovery Verification IP (VIP) family. Synopsys VIP is written entirely in SystemVerilog and is based on the new VIPER Architecture. It offers speeds and simplifies the verification of complex protocols and SoC designs. The Synopsys Discovery VIP family includes Protocol Analyzer, which is a unique prothonotary debug environment. Synopsys VIP is available for a variety of protocols, including USB 3.0, ARM AMBA AXI3, AXI4, ACE, HDMI, MIPI (CSI-2, DSI, HSI, etc.), Ethernet 40G/100G, PCI Express, SATA, and OCP.

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SynaptiCAD BugHunter Pro VHDL and Verilog Testbench, Debugging Tool

SynaptiCAD rolled out the latest version of BugHunter Pro, which is a VHDL and Verilog testbench generation and debugging tool. The updated version of BugHunter Pro supports 64-bit versions of Mentor Graphics ModelSim and Cadence Incisive simulators. A node-locked license for BugHunter sells for $2500 on Windows. Floating licenses sell for $5000 on Windows and $6000 on Unix. A node locked copy of the WaveFormer/BugHunter product bundle sells for $4000 on Windows.

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RT-LAB 10.1 Improves Real-Time Simulation

Opal-RT Technologies introduced RT-LAB 10.1. RT-LAB is the core technology behind Opal-RT’s Real-Time Simulator products (such as eDRIVEsim, eMEGAsim, eFLYsim and the TestDrive ECU Tester). All Opal-RT Real Time Simulators, including eMEGAsim and eDRIVEsim, are now shipping with RT-LAB 10.1. Both ARTEMiS and RT-Events are available as eMEGAsim and eDRIVEsim options. Existing eMEGAsim and eDRIVEsim users with a valid RT-LAB software maintenance agreement can upgrade to the new versions of RT-LAB, ARTEMIS, and RT-Events for no charge.

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Crossware Embedded Development Studio Version 5

Crossware rolled out version 5.0 of their Embedded Development Studio. The latest version of the embedded systems tool includes a wide range of advanced features that are designed to speed up and simplify the software development process. Crossware’s Embedded Development Studio binds together tool chains, simulators, debuggers, code creation wizards, and workspace generators. It provides editing, serial i/o and facilities for viewing and searching electronic versions of the documentation. Embedded Development Studio v5.0 supports all of the microprocessor and microcontroller development tools in the Crossware portfolio.

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