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Sigrity Launches XcitePI IO Interconnect Model Extraction

Sigrity XcitePI chip-level analysis tools for pre- and post-layout design improvement

Sigrity launched their XcitePI IO Interconnect Model Extraction and Assessment software. The tool provides accurate system-level analysis of high-speed channels and buses by generating precise chip IO power/ground and signal interconnect models. XcitePI IO Interconnect Model Extraction is available on Windows and Linux platforms. Prices start at $108,000 for a 3-year license. The new tool is part of Sigrity’s XcitePI chip-level analysis family that supports both pre- and post-layout design improvement.

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HSPICE 2011.09 Speed-up Signal Integrity Simulation by Factor of Three

HSPICE 2011.09 has been integrated with Sigrity’s signal integrity analysis solution to accelerate signal integrity simulation of high-speed systems. The combined Synopsys and Sigrity tool features up to 3X faster simulation of signal and power integrity analysis of multi-gigahertz designs. In addition, HSPICE 2011.09 circuit simulator offers enhanced multi-core simulation performance, improved accuracy in statistical eye-diagram analysis, and new multi-core enabled S-parameter and W-element analysis.

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Sigrity High-Speed Seminars on High-Speed Electronic Design Challenges and Solutions

Sigrity announce a series of seminars. The free multi-city seminars will discuss high-speed design challenges associated with power integrity, signal integrity, and EMI issues. The seminar series will address issues associated with simultaneous switching output (SSO) and assessing end-to-end high-speed serial links. The Sigrity seminars will take place in Boston, Austin, Dallas and Dana Point (southern California) on November 15, 16, 17 and 18, respectively. The events are ideal for designers involved in projects at the chip, package and system level interested in solutions for high-speed power integrity, signal integrity and EMI issues.

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Sigrity T2B Software for Transistor to Behavioral Model Conversion

Sigrity introduced T2B software for transistor to behavioral model conversion. T2B software helps engineers identify the root cause of signal and power integrity issues and verify fixes. T2B automatically generates IBIS 3.2, 4.2, 5.0 and Sigrity accuracy-enhanced models from transistor level driver models. IBIS 5.0 models generated by T2B automation include all BIRD95/BIRD98 power-aware effects. T2B is available on Windows and Linux platforms. Prices start at $22,500 per year.

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Sigrity SystemSI Signal Integrity Analysis Solutions

Sigrity launched their SystemSI family of signal integrity analysis solutions. SystemSI is a platform for end-to-end simulations of high-speed signal interfaces. SystemSI – Parallel Bus Analysis is available on Windows and Linux platforms with annual prices starting at $26,500. A Via Wizard for pre-layout studies, using 3D FEM techniques, starts at $8,000 per year. SystemSI – Serial Link Analysis is priced at $26,500 annually.

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Sigrity PowerDC Thermal Simulation and Analysis Software

Sigrity introduced PowerDC Thermal analysis software. PowerDC Thermal eliminates manual iterations between simulations with separate electrical and thermal tools, reduces time, and improves results convergence. It is ideal for avoiding field failures. PowerDC with DC analysis, thermal analysis, and co-simulation capability is available on Windows and Linux platforms. Annual prices start at $30,000. PowerDC Thermal also is available as an added option for currently licensed Sigrity PowerDC users. It adds thermal analysis and co-simulation to the present DC analysis capability. Annual prices start at $15,000.

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