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Mentor Embedded Sourcery VSIPL++ Supports MATLAB and ARM Platforms

Mentor Embedded Sourcery VSIPL++ tool ~ Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics released a new version of the Mentor Embedded Sourcery VSIPL++ tool. The newest enhancements to the Sourcery VSIPL++ product incorporates OMG’s VSIPL++ specification standard. VSIPL++ is an important step forward for interoperable, portable, reusable applications in the high-performance computing space. The tool is ideal for developers working on compute-intensive applications.

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Pentek RTS 2711 Real-Time Data Recording Instrument

The Pentek RTS 2711 Real-Time Data Recording Instrument is a PC-based recorder. It includes a complete PC workstation running Windows XP, housed in a rack-mount 4U chassis. The Pentek RTS 2711 offers simultaneous digitizing and recording of two signals at sampling rates of 500 Megasamples/sec. The price of the RTS 2711 starts at $58,995 USD. It is ideal for development and field testing in a broad range of wideband signal applications including UAVs, telemetry, communication and radar.

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Practical Methodologies for Power-Signal Integrity DesignCon Workshop

Apache Design Solutions announced a workshop at DesignCon 2010 to facilitate industry-wide discussion on the challenges, methodologies, and techniques required for chip-package-systems (CPS) convergence. The workshop, entitled “Practical Methodologies for Power/Signal Integrity of Chip-Package-Board Designs,” will be held from 9am to noon on Thursday, February 4th in the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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