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EMC Shielding Simplified White Paper

VTI Vacuum Technologies recently partnered with William D. Kimmel, PE (principal in the engineering consulting firm of Kimmel Gerke Associates) on a white paper that was written to educate people in related industries who aren’t familiar with how shielding works. The technical paper, EMC Shielding Simplified, explains the fundamentals of the EMC shielding process. The whitepaper discusses basic physics and concepts to ensure shielding effectiveness, as well as the shielding materials used. In addition, the artile details how to make shielding work properly, some typical shielding failures and how to solve those failures.

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Automotive EMI Shielding White Paper

Laird Technologies published a white paper about the sources of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in automotive systems. The technical paper is titled, Automotive EMI Shielding – Controlling Automotive Electronic Emissions and Susceptibility with Proper EMI Suppression Methods. The white paper discusses various electronic systems found on automobiles, and the need of containing and suppressing their EMI potential with each other through EMI shielding and ferrite solutions.

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