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CoWare ARM RealView Versatile Virtual Reference Baseboard

CoWare announced the Versatile Virtual Reference Board with access provided through Software as a Service (SaaS). The Virtual Platform is a soft emulator of the ARM RealView Versatile Platform Baseboard for ARM926-EJS provided for educational purposes only. It includes a virtualized Ethernet Controller, UARTs, keyboard and mouse interfaces, and a frame-buffer console that enables designers to interact with the platform. The packages come with a complete Linux software stack, including kernel and file-system. A comprehensive user’s guide introduces the usage of virtual platforms for embedded software development.

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DebugLive Online Debugging Environment

DebugLive is a Web-based environment for debugging Windows application code and production applications. DebugLive complements existing tools with online debugging, problem-solving, collaboration, and remote debugging capabilities via a Web-based service (SaaS). DebugLive allows support and application engineers to jointly debug an application and share resources (dumps, screenshot, messages, etc) in a “virtual room” in real time.

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