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AWR Analog Office 2009 for High Frequency Analog and RFIC Design

AWR launched Version 2009 of their Analog Office high-frequency analog and RFIC design software. Analog Office Version 2009 includes AWR’s patent-pending multi-rate harmonic balance (MRHB) technology, which increases the speed and reduces the computer memory required to perform steady-state analysis of complex multi-tone designs such as those found in receivers and transmitters with multiple stages of upconversion and downconversion.

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Agilent GoldenGate v4.4 for RFIC Simulation, Verification, Analysis

Agilent Technologies rolled out version 4.4 of the GoldenGate software for RFIC simulation, verification and analysis. GoldenGate Release 4.4 features enhanced performance, new key stability and yield analyses, and RF extensions to mixed-signal simulation. GoldenGate version 4.4 improves RFIC design in advanced CMOS technology nodes. The Agilent GoldenGate version 4.4 is available December 2009 and has a starting price of under $25,000.

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