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Texas Instruments ZigBee RF4CE Remote Control Solution

Texas Instruments rolled out a new version of their ZigBee RF4CE remote control solution. The latest version supports the upcoming ZigBee Input Device (ZID) profile, which enables mouse-like pointing functionality, keyboard and gesture- and touch-based input controls for consumer electronics like TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles. TI’s ZigBee RF4CE solution includes the royalty-free RemoTI 1.3 protocol stack with sample application software, an ETSI-compliant and FCC-certified nano USB module, and an associated Advanced Remote Control development kit.

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Signal Forge SF010 Portable Signal Generator with Remote Control

Signal Forge introduced the SF010 Portable Signal Generator with remote control. The new portable signal generator is designed for use with National Instruments LabView and other automated test environments. The SF1010 Portable Signal Generator supports the SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) interface, which helps test engineers to quickly add the signal generator to most of automated test environments (including Labview, LabWindows/CVI and HP’s VEE). The Signal Forge 1010 Portable Signal Generator with remote control is priced at $985 and is available now.

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