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Mentor Embedded Optimizes Nucleus SmartFit

Mentor Graphics recently launched their new Nucleus SmartFit product. Nucleus SmartFit is a value-based development platform for developers that are migrating from bare metal to an RTOS environment where embedded devices require intelligence, connectivity, and low-power functionality. Pricing for the Mentor Nucleus SmartFit starts at $3,995. Devices supported by the Nucleus SmartFit product include Freescale Kinetis, and Texas Instruments’ Stellaris.

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Real Time Logic Web Tools Integrate with Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS

Real Time Logic’s web application development tools are now fully integrated and available for use with Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY real-time operating system. The web tools include Real Time Logic’s Barracuda Application Server. Real Time Logic’s web protocols enable users of INTEGRITY-based devices to develop secure, full-featured, interoperable networked services.

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TI-RTOS Real-time Operating System Features Preemptive Multithreading Kernel

Texas Instruments TI-RTOS real-time operating system based on preemptive multithreading kernel

Texas Instruments launched TI-RTOS, which is a complete real-time operating system based on preemptive multithreading kernel. TI-RTOS speeds software development by eliminating the need for designers to write and maintain complex system software, including schedulers, protocol stacks and low-level drivers. TI-RTOS is available now on select devices, including ARM Cortex-M4 MCUs and C2000 dual core C28x + ARM Cortex-M3 MCUs. It will be offered soon on MSP430 MCUs, as well as other C2000 and ARM-based MCUs. TI will continue to expand its RTOS offering beyond the MCU portfolio to other processor families.

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Mentor Embedded Nucleus Real Time Operating System Features Hibernate Mode

The Mentor Embedded Nucleus real time operating system (RTOS) Power Management Framework now features a hibernate mode. With the new hibernate/standby capability, engineers can minimize power consumption and maximize the life of battery-operated devices. The hibernate capability of the Nucleus Power Management Framework provides simplified access to power management functionality that would otherwise be left to the developer to write from scratch.

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DDC-I Deos DO-178B RTOS Integrates with LDRA Analysis and Test Tools

DDC-I’s DO-178B-certifiable Deos real-time operating system (RTOS) is now integrated with LDRA’s tool suite. The integrated solution enable developers to get to market faster with optimized, robust, and certifiable software that meets the most demanding safety-critical requirements, including DO-178B Level A, the FAA’s highest level of safety criticality. The integration gives developers across a broad range of mission-critical applications the turnkey platform they need to quickly develop, debug, comprehensively test, and deploy safety-critical software that can be readily certified to the most demanding requirements.

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