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Quadros RTXCview System Trace and Profiling Tool for Embedded Systems

RTXCview, from Quadros Systems, is a system trace and profiling tool for embedded systems. RTXCview provides visual insight and understanding of the runtime behavior of embedded systems using the RTXC RTOS. It works as a companion to traditional debuggers. RTXCview System Trace Tool is available now. It is licensed on a per seat basis starting at $300 for RTXCview Basic Edition and $1500 for RTXCview Professional Edition. The Basic Edition offers standard features and the Professional Edition is for engineers who want to tune the tool for greater insight.

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Remote Network Driver Interface Standard Driver for RTXCusb USB Suite

Quadros Systems introduced a Remote NDIS (Network Driver Interface Standard) driver for the RTXCusb USB software solution. RNDIS gives embedded systems developers an easy way to connect a Windows based laptop or PC to an embedded system. RNDIS for the RTXCusb suite is available immediately in source code as an add-on to the RTXCusb device software. The price for the RNDIS driver license starts at $2900.

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