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Free Boundary Scan Workshop at Manufacturing Technology Centre

XJTAG boundary scan training workshop at the UK's Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)

XJTAG will hold a free boundary scan training workshop at the UK’s Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). The workshop will provide an introduction to boundary scan and to show how the debug, test and programming process can be used throughout the product life cycle. The XJTAG workshop will take place Wednesday, June 12, 2013 in Coventry.

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Webinar: How to program the Raspberry Pi in less than 40 minutes

element14 is hosting a series of design flow webinars. The first webcast is about programming the Raspberry Pi. It features Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton. The first online seminar will take place on April 4th at 10am EST (2pm GMT, 3pm BST). The Design Flow webinar series offer hints and tips, as well as useful techniques that help drive the design flow.

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Zilog Development Studio II for Programming Embedded SoC

Zilog rolled out the enhanced Zilog Development Studio II (ZDS II) toolset for programming SoC solutions leveraging Zilog microprocessors. The ZDS II is a royalty-free, high-end toolset that runs on Windows 98SE/2000/XP/Vista-32 platforms and offers source code editing, debugging and program management all easily accessible from a singly fully-feature integrated development environment. The new Project Wizard is designed so that both beginning and advanced users can sit down and quickly develop a new code project faster than ever before. The ZDS II is available now for free download.

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MobiForms 5.0 Supports Google Android Smartphones

MobiForms 5.0 mobile development tool now supports Google Android smartphones. MobiForms is the first rapid application development tool in the world specifically designed for Google Android. Up until now developing for Android required in depth professional programming skills with mandatory learning of Java, the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and the Google Android SDK (Software Development Kit). MobiForms replaces all of these tools with one simple, intuitive, drag and drop interface. No Java or XML programming is required.

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AdaCore GNAT Programming Studio 4.4

AdaCore rolled out GNAT Programming Studio (GPS), version 4.4. The latest version of AdaCore’s graphical Ada-oriented Integrated Development Environment (IDE) fatures an improved user interface, faster performance, and greater integration with AdaCore’s Project Coverage and SPARK Pro toolsets. GPS is provided with GNAT Pro on most platforms, for both native and embedded software development. GPS 4.4 is currently available as part of the GNAT Pro Ada Development Environment on selected platforms, and customers can download it via the GNAT Tracker tool.

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