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Synopsys Embedded Vision Development System Reduces Bring-up Time by Months

Synopsys Embedded Vision Development System

Synopsys introduced the Embedded Vision Development System. The new Synopsys is an integrated solution for the acceleration of the design of processors for embedded vision. It is based on Synopsys’ Processor Designer tool set and Synopsys’ HAPS FPGA-based prototyping system. The Embedded Vision Development System is immediately available now.

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Kontron Unveils SMARC Starterkit for Embedded ARM Processors

Kontron SMARC Starterkit

Kontron introduced the SMARC Starterkit. The ready-to-use kit enables developers to get started with embedded ARM processors. The Kontron SMARC Starterkit includes a sturdy transport case, has all the cables already connected and is equipped with all the necessary components, including a display and power supply. All documentation is provided on a USB drive. The Kontron kit is available now.

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Breker TrekSoC Supports Multiple Heterogeneous Embedded Processors

Breker Verification Systems TrekSoC for SoC designs

Breker Verification Systems launched a new verion of TrekSoC for SoC designs. The Breker software now supports multiple heterogeneous embedded processors. The new verification support for multiple heterogeneous processors helps project teams verify their SoCs more completely. The latest release of TrekSoC is available to qualified verification teams now. General availability is expected at the end of 2012.

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Analog Devices Debuts CrossCore Embedded Studio for Blackfin and SHARC Processors

Analog Devices CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) software development platform for Blackfin and SHARC processors

Analog Devices launched the CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) software development platform for their Blackfin and SHARC processors. CCES offers Blackfin and SHARC developers a C/C++ and assembly editing environment with plug-in support for drivers and services including Ethernet, USB, algorithmic software modules, operating system, and file system. CCES provides easy to use, integrated multicore development and debug features. CCES licenses are available at several levels. A single-user node locked license is priced at $995.

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Cadence Encounter Digital Platform Optimizes ARM POP IP

ARM and Cadence Design Systems teamed together to create a solution that uses the Cadence Encounter digital platform to optimize ARM POP intellectual property (IP) technology for the Cortex-A9 processor on the TSMC 40LP process, including ultra low threshold voltage (uLVT). The combined solution is available for license from ARM to accelerate the implementation of ARM processors.

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Avnet Embedded, Intel Offer Technical Training on Xeon E5 Processors

Avnet Embedded and Intel will hold an online training class on the new Intel Xeon E5 family of processors. The in-depth technical training session will cover the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600/2400 families. The course will include a platform overview and technical highlights of each processor. The web-based training session will illustrate ways that Intel products and Avnet’s solutions-based value-add expertise work together to support any design requirement.

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Carbon Design Systems Launches Performance Analysis Kits

Carbon Performance Analysis Kits (CPAK) ~ Carbon Design Systems

Carbon Design Systems is accelerating the analysis, optimization and verification of system-on-chip (SoC) performance with their new Carbon Performance Analysis Kits (CPAK). The CPAK family for ARM Cortex processors includes reference hardware and software designs along with analysis and debug software for the Cortex-A9, Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 cores, and the ARM big.LITTLE subsystem. The CPAK Family for ARM Cortex A-Series Processors will be available in bare metal and Linux configurations in this quarter. Android configurations will be available in the second half of this year.

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Mentor Embedded Linux Platform Supports Freescale QorIQ AMP Processors

Mentor Graphics and Freescale Semiconductor teamed together to develop a unified workflow methodology for embedded Linux-based development. Mentor Embedded Linux platform, open source tools and services now support Freescale’s Advanced Multi-Processing Series of QorIQ multicore processors. The AMP Series includes 28nm geometries and a new, multi-threaded 64-bit Power Architecture e6500 core with AltiVec technology. The Freescale AMP Series is ideal for networking, industrial and aerospace/military applications.

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Symtavision TraceAnalyzer v1.2 for Visualizing, Analyzing System Timing

Symtavision rolled out version 1.2 of their TraceAnalyzer tool for visualizing and analyzing system timing in terms of the constituent ECUs, controllers, processors, buses and networks. TraceAnalyzer v1.2 offers a 10x speed improvement over the previous version. It also reduces memory requirements by a factor of ten. The tools shows controller and bus schedules with events, blocking and pre-emptions and details the timing chains. Engineers can see the flow of signals and data through the system including data loss and multiple reads of the same data.

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ScanWorks High-Speed IO Toolkit for PC Client

ASSET announced the ScanWorks High-Speed IO (HSIO) Toolkit for PC Client, which is a web-based tool for validating and debugging circuit board designs targeting future 22nm based Intel Core processors for the desktop and mobile applications. ScanWorks HSIO Toolkit includes tools that provide detailed information on DDR3, PCI-Express Graphics (PEG), and Direct Media Interface (DMI) buses. The ScanWorks HSIO Toolkit for PC Client is available now. A 90-day license costs $1,995.

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