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Data Translation DT9837B Data Acquisition Module

Data Translation introduced the DT9837B ultra-high throughput USB data acquisition module for portable noise and vibration measurement. The DT9837B features simultaneously sampling (up to four 24-bit) and a sampling rate of up to 105.4 kHz samples per channel. The Data Translation module is self-powered via the USB connection to a PC or laptop — no external power supply is needed. The DT9837B USB module is ideal for portable sound and vibration field measurement and analysis applications. The DT9837B data acquisition module is priced at $1795 and ships immediately.

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Signal Forge SF010 Portable Signal Generator with Remote Control

Signal Forge introduced the SF010 Portable Signal Generator with remote control. The new portable signal generator is designed for use with National Instruments LabView and other automated test environments. The SF1010 Portable Signal Generator supports the SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) interface, which helps test engineers to quickly add the signal generator to most of automated test environments (including Labview, LabWindows/CVI and HP’s VEE). The Signal Forge 1010 Portable Signal Generator with remote control is priced at $985 and is available now.

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