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White Paper: Tilted Elliptical Dirac Cones at a Half-metal Surface

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge recently published a paper in Physical Review B. The article is titled, Tilted Elliptical Dirac Cones at a Half-metal Surface. The paper, written by Dr. Stephen Jenkins, highlights the novel electronic properties of an alloy. The half-metallic alloy NiMnSb exhibits properties previously only observed in graphene and topological insulators. Electrons confined near the surfaces and interfaces of NiMnSb are constrained to move according to a conical energy-momentum relationship (the so-called “Dirac cone”) and have no effective mass, meaning these surfaces exhibit the exotic properties associated with effectively mass-less electrons. This includes properties which could allow us to manipulate electrons and “holes”, which presents new opportunities in semiconductor electronics.

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