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Perforce 2011.1 Version Management System Features Streams

The latest release of Perforce Software’s version management system features Perforce Streams, which provide built-in, flexible workflow for effective team collaboration. Perforce Streams features code re-use, automated merging, fast context switching, efficient workspace updates, and inherited workspace and branch views. Perforce Streams are available now in the 2011.1 Perforce Server, and P4 and P4V clients.

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Perforce Software Instructor-led Online Courses

Perforce Software is offering software configuration management (SCM) classes online. The online learning environment eliminates the time and expense of travel and provides attendees a high quality learning experience by blending live instructor lectures with student discussions and a virtual lab environment. A live instructor teaches each course on a specific day and time and most content is identical to its classroom equivalent, including student materials and course duration.

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