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Tanner EDA and SDT Process Design Kits for Thin Film Technologies

Tanner EDA and Sound Design Technologies (SDT) have teamed together to develop process design kits (PDKs) for analog/mixed-signal (A/MS) designers using Tanner EDA’s HiPer Silicon software. Sound Design Technologies’ PDKs for Tanner Tools will be available this quarter.

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X-FAB XO035 Process for Blu-ray and Optical Data Communication

X-FAB Silicon Foundries announced the XO035 0.35 micrometer process. The XO035 foundry process is optimized for Blu-ray and high-speed optical data communication applications. XO035 includes X-FAB’s blue PIN module. The integration of the PIN diode into the 0.35 micrometer CMOS environment enables the design of high-performance photo detectors. The XO035 process is available now.

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Process Design Kits for UMS PH15 and PH25 GaAs MMIC Foundry Processes

AWR and United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) introduced enhanced process design kits (PDKs) for the UMS PH15 and PH25 advanced gallium arsenide (GaAs) foundry processes. The enhanced PDKs enable designers to take full advantage of the process capabilities of UMS within AWR’s 2009 Microwave Office design suite including its latest technologies such as iNets, AC0E, AXIEM, and ICED DRC. Engineers can also take advantage of the fact that the PDKs are now release-independent from AWR’s own software upgrade cycle. PDKs from UMS are available to active customers of the UMS foundry and AWR software.

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