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Synopsys Develops Doubles Patterning Technology Model Extensions

Synopsys recently worked with the members of the Interconnect Modeling Technical Advisory Board (IMTAB) of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO). The collaboration has resulted in a parasitic variation modeling solution to address the effects of double patterning technology (DPT), targeted for use in 20-nanometer (nm) IC manufacturing.

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Synopsys Rapid3D Technology for StarRC Custom 3D Extraction

Rapid3D technology is a new 3D fast field solver engine fully integrated into Synopsys’ StarRC Custom parasitic extraction solution. Rapid3D technology features attofarad accuracy and significant speedup by incorporating the latest advancements in 3D field solver algorithms. These algorithms take full advantage of modern multicore hardware to solve the accuracy and runtime challenges of sub-45-nanometer (nm) extraction for custom IC design and IP characterization.

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Mentor Graphics Calibre xACT 3D Field Solver for Parasitic Extraction

Mentor Graphics launched Calibre xACT 3D for parasitic RC extraction. Calibre xACT 3D is a solution for high-accuracy, transistor-level extraction. The tool combines a deterministic field solver with traditional, rule-based production extraction tools. It is a complete parasitic extraction solution with deterministic field solver accuracy, process variation modeling, electrically aware reduction, and industry-standard netlist formats, all within the design environment. Calibre xACT 3D is available now.

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