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Cypress PSoC Expansion Board Kit for iPhone and iPod Accessories

Cypress Semiconductor announced the CY8CKIT-023 PSoC Expansion Board Kit For iPhone & iPod Accessories. The CY8CKIT-023 is a development platform for Apple iPhone and iPod accessories based on the PSoC 3 architecture. The Cypress kit leverages the Apple iPhone OS operating system and the corresponding iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) to provide a two-way communication interface between apps from Apple’s App Store and corresponding accessories. The CY8CKIT-023 PSoC Expansion Board Kit For iPhone & iPod Accessories is now available to Made for iPod licensees.

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SYSGO PikeOS Correctness Presentation at Embedded World

SYSGO will make a technical presentation on operating system correctness at Embedded World 2010 in Nuremberg. For composite systems, high levels of the Common Criteria standard make mandatory the formal verification of the OS layer(s) that interface the user application with the hardware platform. Correctness of this software component is one of the major challenges that embedded solution suppliers are increasingly facing. The presentation will focus on the methods and techniques used in the formal verification process applied to the PikeOS safe and secure virtualization RTOS platform.

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Trusted Logic Integrates Trusted NFC with Google Android OS

Trusted Logic has added new features to their Trusted NFC software platform. Major enhancements in security and application framework are specifically designed for the Google Android operating system. Trusted NFC is a complete software platform enabling mobile phone applications to use Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity. It provides simple interfaces for developing applications for the various application frameworks of the mobile Operating Systems.

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