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Imec Creates Optical I/O Industrial Affiliation Program

Imec is creating a new industrial research program on high-bandwidth optical input/output (I/O). The goal of the new program is to explore the use of optical solutions for realizing high-bandwidth I/O between CMOS chips. The affiliation program is a part of imec’s research platform on deep-submicron CMOS scaling. In close collaboration with imec’s industrial partners, the optical I/O program will develop a silicon-photonics solution for addressing the upcoming scaling challenges in interconnecting CMOS chips.

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MAZeT Simulation Tool for Spectral Selective Semiconductor Sensors

MAZeT announced a new tool for the simulation of compact spectral-selective semiconductor sensors for precise inline measurements. The simulation software helps engineers select the right sensor and optimal combination of filters and illumination. The simulation tool is ideal for validating the requirements of new and existing applications. Some optimizations that are highlighted can be easily implemented, for example, swapping the sensor lighting used or choosing objects for calibration.

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