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Synopsys Proteus LRC for Lithography Verification

Synopsys announced Proteus LRC (lithography rule check) for lithography verification. Proteus LRC is a post-optical proximity correction (OPC) verification tool. It enables fast and accurate hotspot detection across the process window for full-chip mask validation within the highly-scalable Proteus Pipeline Technology. Synopsys Proteus LRC is designed for 28-nanometer (nm) and below. It features OPC models and rigorous first-principle models from embedded Sentaurus Lithography technology. Proteus LRC is integrated into the Proteus Mask Synthesis flow.

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OPC Training Courses

The OPC Training Institute (OPCTI) is offering several hands-on and theoretical courses. The training is ideal for professionals in the industrial, commercial, and military fields. OPCTI offers four progressive levels of training:

  • Level 1: OPC and DCOM Diagnostics
  • Level 2: OPC Security
  • Level 3: OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA)
  • Level 4: Advanced OPC Projects

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