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OneSpin Solutions Debuts RTL-to-RTL Equivalence Checking Software

OneSpin Solutions launched 360 EC-RTL equivalence checking software. OneSpin’s 360 EC-RTL compares revisions of register transfer level (RTL) code. 360 EC-RTL is part of the OneSpin 360 EC Product Family. It is a RTL-to-RTL equivalence checker used to exhaustively compare two revisions of synthesizable RTL code. The software features robust register, sequential and power optimization verification. 360 EC-RTL is shipping now.

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OneSpin Solutions, IMEC Host Metric-Driven Formal Verification with 360 MV Tutorial

Metric-Driven Formal Verification with 360 MV Tutorial

OneSpin Solutions and IMEC are hosting a tutorial next week. The training is titled, Metric-Driven Formal Verification with 360 MV. The event is free for qualified engineering and verification managers and digital design and verification engineers. The tutorial will take place Thursday, November 15, 2012 from 9 am to 5 pm in Leuven, Belgium.

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OneSpin Quantify MDV Formal Metric-driven Verification Solution

OneSpin Solutions introduced Quantify MDV, which is an enhancement to the OneSpin 360 MV product family. The Quantify MDV formal metric-driven verification (MDV) solution automatically analyzes and measures formal verification progress and quality in register transfer level (RTL) designs. Quantify MDV is available now as part of the standard 360 MV product line, which starts at $25,000 for a one-year time-based license.

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360 MV Verification Solution – Platform LSF Infrastructure Integration

OneSpin Solutions’ 360 MV formal assertion-based verification (ABV) solution has been integrated with Platform Computing’s LSF infrastructure. The customizable integration between 360 MV and Platform LSF enables engineers to adapt job scheduling and resource utilization to their needs. Designers can track named proof tasks using LSF monitoring tools, which report progress directly into the 360 MV graphical environment.

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